Governing Board of Claregate Primary School
Who are we?


Apart from representatives of the teaching and non-teaching staff we are unpaid volunteers who fall into one of four categories: Parent Governor, Staff Governor, Community Governor or Local Authority Governor. The School website details each governor's category. Some of us have a background in education; others are from caring professions or industry. As a team, we like to think that we each bring something unique and valuable to our work at Claregate.

What do we do?


We meet as a full Governing Board three times a year to consider reports by the Headteacher, documents from the Local Authority and changes to the law.


In addition, there are two committees. The Finance and General Purposes Committee meets once per term and manages the school’s income and expenditure, financial standards and pay; the Strategy, Curriculum and Personnel Sub Committee meets once every half term. They take a close look at educational standards – are the children getting a good education at Claregate and how are the school leaders working to improve this? This Committee also deals with staffing matters.


We take an active interest and conduct focused “Learning Walks” to see the work of the school for ourselves. We check on the children’s progress and challenge areas that we think may need attention. We do not baulk from difficult decisions or challenging the leadership of the school and, as experienced professionals, we can support the school as it continually improves.


We particularly enjoy attending school events where children are able to showcase their achievement and talents; we are all child-centred individuals!


Although the role of a Governor is challenging in that it carries a level of responsibility and accountability, it is very rewarding when we see children enjoying school and thriving.

How can you contact us?

We are keen to know what the whole community think. Please talk to us if you wish to make your views known, or please write to the Chair of Governors via the school; correspondence is a standing agenda item.


Please be mindful that, as governors, while we can suggest and make changes to policy at meetings, we have no power as individuals to overrule the school. We adhere to the Claregate Complaint Policy so, if you have a complaint, please do not approach us at the early stages; governors become involved at the appeal stage only. You may be able to resolve matters with the School through dialogue much more quickly and easily.


If there is a safeguarding issue, please bring the matter to the immediate attention of Mr Murphy or Mr Saunders or, if out of hours, with direct contact with the Wolverhampton Multi Agency Support Team. Governors are not routinely involved in individual matters of safeguarding.

Key Successes of the Governing Board

Ofsted described us as a “highly effective Governing Body”. We have overseen a period of sustained improvement in results and have supported innovative curriculum development. We ensure that safeguarding procedures are followed robustly; this is an area of particular expertise for Claregate with an ex-Director of Social Services, and two NSPCC trainers on the Board. We have taken particular interest in the achievement of children with Special Educational Needs and those disadvantaged by poverty. We have examined children’s writing in lessons and can see the improvements brought about by school leaders. Most importantly, we have appointed some wonderful staff who work hard for the benefit of the children and we have re-structured the workforce to achieve better value for money, always a very tricky process!


Please bear in mind that you only see the tip of the iceberg of what staff do during a school day. Unseen is the marking done at home, the meticulous planning in order to teach good lessons, the evening meetings and protective work that goes on confidentially in the background. Staff always appreciate recognition and like to know what is going well and letting them know is a kindness which would be much appreciated.


Stephanie Sherwood

Chair Of Governors

Governing Board Structure

Full Governing Body

Chair of Governors: Miss S. Sherwood

Vice Chair of Governors: Mr G. McBurnie

 Strategy, Curriculum and Personnel


Mrs Stacie Ryan

Mr Graham McBurnie

Ms Sudha Mistry

Mr Michael Murphy 

Mr David Saunders

Miss Stephanie Sherwood

Ms Hayley Smith

Mrs Sarah Lea



 Staff Dismissal Committee


Any 3 non-staff Governors without a declaration of interest.  We convene this committee as we need to, we do not choose Governors in advance.


Finance and General Purposes


Ms Sinead Joseph

Mr Graham McBurnie

Mr Michael Murphy 

Mr David Saunders

Mrs Sarah Harty

Mrs Amandeep Dulai

Pupil Discipline Committee


Any 3 non-staff Governors without a declaration of interest.  We do not choose these people in advance, we convene this committee as we need to.

Our Link Governors

Safeguarding / Child Protection / Sports Premium

Mr Graham McBurnie


SEND / Looked After Children and Previously Looked After Children

Mrs Stacie Ryan

SEND (Reserve)

Miss Stephanie Sherwood

Training Link Governor / Pupil Premium

Sarah Harty



Ms Hayley Smith

More Able

Ms Sudha Mistry

Governor Attendance at Meetings
2019-20 Attendance
2020-21 Attendance

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