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Statement of Values & Ethos

Claregate Primary School Logo

Statement of Values and Ethos

Claregate aims to offer an excellent standard of education for all children regardless of their background, ethnicity or ability.  We are a fair, open, and tolerant community.  Our vision is to provide a stimulating and enriching education that encourages the holistic development of every child.  We promote cultural, spiritual, moral, personal, social, and intellectual development within the context of a happy school community.  We teach the principles of tolerance, understanding, and respect.  We believe that good mental health and wellbeing are at the heart of being a successful learner and we work together through challenges and share celebrations; feeling supported, accepted, valued, and empowered. Excellent educational standards underpin everything we do.

School Aims

  • We follow the principles set out in our vision and motto "Inspire tomorrow, today..."

  • We promote British Values and aim to develop children into responsible independent thinkers, able to play their full part in twenty-first century Britain.

  • We take pride in our school’s industrious and inclusive atmosphere; our excellent practice promotes racial harmony.

  • We develop a caring community in which concern and respect for one another are fostered and the importance of good will, sensitivity and tolerance in interpersonal relationships are exemplified.

  • We provide children with an exciting, enjoyable, safe and happy learning environment.

  • We teach a broad, balanced curriculum imparting the attitudes, knowledge, skills and concepts that the children will need to achieve high academic standards and enhance their life chances.

  • We strive for excellent standards of learning and teaching.

  • Pupils follow our Golden Rules which are visible around school.

  • Pupils make good choices in how they behave.


Come, pay us a visit and see for yourself!


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