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Year 6 Views of Life at Claregate

Thomas Potter


My time at Claregate has been incredible.  I have learnt many things and have been on lots of exciting visits.  If anyone is ever unkind to me teachers stop it straight away!  Come to Claregate Primary School – it’s the best school there is!

Life at Claregate is really enjoyable because you always feel so safe and you feel like you belong here. You make friends really easily because everyone is really friendly and easy to get on with.  Lunchtime is one of my favourite times of the day (along with art) as I really love the food that we are served. 


In lessons we always strive for accuracy and take pride in both our work and the uniform we wear. All in all Claregate Primary School is the place to be.

Pavan Hothi 


Sophia Chauhan 


Life at Claregate is great fun!  You feel safe and you meet a lot of friends. You have fun and purposeful lessons and great teachers. It’s a great school.

Life at Claregate is great.  The education you receive is really good and will prepare you for later life.

Eugene Kyei 


Rio-Jay Dosanjh 


Life at Claregate is fun and enjoyable for all children.  The standards are very high and the school is well disciplined.  Your children will have a great education at Claregate.

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